State of the Blog: April 2017

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Hey guys, another short State of the Blog from me about the current situation of me and this blog. So while you read this why not listen to some music to make it somewhat enjoyable ┐(´∀`)┌

So first things first, maybe you read/heard it already but my friend and colleague fahcy (most likely) wrote his last post here at I’m really thankful for his work here and wish him all the best at his own project. You can read his thoughts about anime from now on at This also means that there won’t be coming any new reviews about anime/anime seasons from now on.

Next point on my agenda is about all the things I still didn’t finish or publish. For example, I still have two interviews from the Connichi in the pipeline where I’m waiting for the final ok and I also have so many photo galleries I didn’t finish, publish or even started edtiting yet. Some people are of course asking about them already and I’m deeply sorry that it takes so long but I just have so much to do with university stuff and work and so on. But you can be sure that I didn’t forgot about those things and I’m working on them.

My studies btw. are going smoothly. Could be a bit better in some courses but overall I think I’m satisfied. My best grade are of course in japanese ;)

Now one of the biggest questions I’m asking myself at the moment, regarding this blog. Since time is a bit rare for me, as stated above, I’m thinking about what to do with this blog. I really like writing about stuff I’m interested in and I still have a lot of ideas what to write about but, well, the time… So while thinking about what to do, it came down to a few options:

  • shut down this blog completely and only keep the gallery
  • keep it as it is
  • grand restructuring and only focus on following topics: Japan, learning japanese and japanese (pop-)culture

So, the first option would kind of be the logical choice I think? But on the other hand I’d love to keep writing. The second option wouldn’t change anything. New posts would pop-up rather rarely. Last option would mean that I’d completely stop writing about some topics, e.g. german conventions (which I covered enough anyways, I think?) but on the other hand I’d focus on Japan again, the topic why I started this blog anyways. Also I could combine it with writing about learning japanese, which is what I’m doing at the university. And the japanese (pop-)culture part would give me some freedom to write about a few other things as well, for example I wanted to „review“ or „recommend“ some older anime which a lot of you probably didn’t watch until now because they’re just too old but I think are more than worth a watch.

Well, anyways, I still didn’t come to a conclusion here but one thing I can say for sure. The anime section will be more or less closed from now on, since I just don’t have the time nor the will to continue writing about so many anime every season. The big websites are just faster and their quality is mostly better than mine – I just can’t compete with them. One thing I’m certain about is that I’ll try to keep interviews going, as far as I’m able to.

There probably will be a short poll coming your way so I can see what you think about this.

Well that’s it for now. Keep it up friends~