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The season started and Masamune-kun is the first full-length anime of the season for me. I added it on short notice but remember reading various things about the series in the past. This post is part of my previous post about my Winter season line-up. I’ll be writing about few other series in this season. In any case, here are my thoughts on the first episode! Hashtag#MASA_A.

Setting and characters

According to the synopsis it’s about a high school boy who used to be called „Piggy“ by a rich girl because of his chubby appearance when he was younger. Due to this traumatic event he changed everything about him and became a handsome yet narcissistic adolescent man. He meets the girl in school once again and is ready to get his revenge. He plans to make her fall in love with him and break up with her afterwards.

Masamune’s mom

After reading the synopsis for the first time I was chuckling. It sounds like the usual RomCom setting but I don’t care, I’m ready for fun! You get to see lots of skin early, … well it’s more for the female audience. However there’s also an imouto (jap. little sister) and a child mother?! Honestly, I think it’s a new trend that mothers look like children, even though I can only name one other anime with a similar feat. I don’t really mind – I consider it a plus point for the cuteness factor. Masamune – the male protagonist – is quite narcissistic and thinks that handsomeness means everything, he’s being loved by everyone. Aki – his tormentor from childhood and the female protagonist – has these princess vibes and likes to show off her superiority. I admit I just like characters like her. She declines every confession and gives every man a cruel nickname. Her attendant or best friend (not really sure about their relationship) also appeared, she seems to be the slow and airhead type of character. She will play a major role I suppose. Masamune saves Aki from a „stalker“, from there on he plans to get his revenge.


Comedy seems good, I like the character constellation and setting. There was not much to be seen about the comedy animation but looking forward to some sketchy and funny scenes.  The anime is being labeled as harem, personally I like this genre as long as the plot is not messed-up. Excited to see how everything will develop from here on. Since the character design and art is overall really good, it’s even more enjoyable.

I’ll claim that this series will have a great internet and community presence, the following weeks will decide if it’s truly my hidden gem of the stand-alone animes. I’ll be back mid-season with more of this, see you!

Cartoony animation yees!

Side characters – great design

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