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This post may contain small spoilers, so if you don’t want to take the risk of getting spoiled, please leave this post by clicking on this link.

„Welcome to the land of magic!“ As the title already implies, it’s about witches and magic, in the classic sense that is! Expect girls flying around with brooms and such. For starters, if you are confused „Hey, I saw that there are also two movies with the same title. Do I need to watch them before I start with the TV version?“ To be short, nope you don’t need to. I’ll tell you more about this later and explain why I consider this a stand-alone series. It’s supposed to have 12 episodes, however it’s already been confirmed to be a split-cour meaning it will have a total of 24 episodes split in two seperately airing seasons! I liked the first episode, so as usual I’ll tell you some things about the episode in case you’re still lost in the vast ocean of the winter season.

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Setting, Composition and Summary

Since her childhood Atsuko – usually called Akko, one of the protagonists – has always been a fan of the mesmerizing witch Shiny Chariot. She always wanted to become a witch just like her idol. Years passed by and she can finally enroll at Luna Nova Magical Academy. She aims to become a witch just like Chariot and is still a big fan of her unlike other girls her age. She will soon notice though that the school life there can’t be always fun and magical.

Before I get to it, as I said before, yes there have been two movies before. Both were rather short, 26min and 53min respectively so you can as well give them a try if you have the time. In any case, since only the first episode aired so far I can’t really tell you how much or what exactly the anime is going to cover but it’s supposedly just another version of the movies taking up (a few) elements of the prior works. So watching the movies might give you a little foretaste of the currently airing TV version. So by no means is this a sequel!  If you don’t know it yet, LWA’s (short form of Little Witch Academia) studio is Trigger which also animated other somewhat successful series like Kill La Kill and Kiznaiver. They’re known for their sketchy and quite complex storyboards and animation style. Few cuts may look quite messy in the first second but overall the staff always managed to create a unique atmosphere and know what they do.

Back to the topic, yeah Akko has always been a big fan of Chariot and finally gets to enroll into the same Academy her idol used to attend. In the beginning there’s a short scene about a magic show of Chariot that Akko (and another friend of her, you might see her in the audience) watches. You get a little taste of the smooth morphing animation that will probably be used for the entire show. Akko being deeply impressed by what she saw wants to join this kind of world. Years passed by and then she’s on her way to find a so-called „Leylines terminal“. Having no idea what this thing is she’s walking around in the town asking for a bus station that could fit the description. She happens to bump into a girl who later becomes her friend, it’s Sucy. Being quite spiteful towards Akko at first, each one of them head their own way. After finally arriving at the terminal, Akko needs to realize that she has no idea how to ride a broom. Another witch appears and is ready to help her, they eventually become friends – it’s Lotte. Due to some unforeseen events both of them bump into Sucy while traveling to the school for the entrance ceremony and get off-track. They suddenly appear in an unknown forest and need to struggle their way out to be on time for the ceremony otherwise expulsion awaits them – expect a chicken fight, literally. Receiving a special staff and becoming friends during their trip in the forest they eventually end up making a special entry in front of the school and principal. They’re being excused for their tardy arrival and become roommates for the next three years. The fun may begin~

Characters and Conclusion

The overall design for the series is rather simple and almost childish, however that’s not a bad point. Since I’ve watched the movies I can tell you that this art style perfectly fits for the whole series composition and setting. It’s more a slice-of life series and focuses less on plot. Of course there’s a plot – if they were to follow the movie plot, it even is an interesting one – but there is always a fun and soothing atmosphere surrouding various events. I also need to commend the VAs (Voice Actors) for their splendid work! Now looking at our three main girls: Akko being the air-head but caring and cheerful type, Lotte being the reliable, timid and clumsy type and Sucy being the sluggish and crafty type; you can expect a cheerful comedy anime and shouldn’t be bored with these three around, at least I am not! I suppose more fun characters will appear, I have yet to see what the plot will be about and how much of the movies will be covered but I will definitely keep on having fun with LWA being around. If you know the studio Trigger and enjoyed their previous works just as much as I did then you should definitely watch it. LWA is quite popular though it lacks in its internet presence in my opinion, maybe this will change after the TV airing.

I’ll spontaneously decide how I’ll handle the post in mid-season. Either a massive post with multiple series or a seperate post to praise and worship the work on specific series. Maybe I’ll have the urge also somewhere in-between to write about a certain episode, let’s see. In case you managed to read this wall of text, thanks for reading!

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