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„KyoAni and lots of cuteness!!“ sums it up for the beginning… Well, I was really surprised to see a KyoAni (Kyoto Animation, Studio name) in the winter roster, didn’t have high hopes but I was positively surprised by how everything turned out. If you read my winter season line-up post you know a few things about my thoughts on Maid Dragon. Episode 01 aired eventually and I’ll tell you what I liked and enjoyed, let’s get to it!

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Setting and composition

Kobayashi seems to work as an office lady and lives alone. As she was about to head out for work, a dragon makes its appearance. The somewhat scary dragon then turns into a cute – and well-endowed, that just needs to be said – maid, that is Tohru. She insists on staying at Kobayashi’s place after being saved by her. Kobayashi doesn’t remember much due to being drunk, but according to Tohru she was the one who saved Tohru’s life. By serving her as a maid, Tohru’s planning to repay her life-debt. The clumsy maid dragon is trying her hardest to be helpful and deeply cares for her master.

I admit I didn’t read the synopsis before, I just never got to it. Reading it now, it seems like a fun story but doesn’t reveal much about the actual content. In any case let me tell you this, I’m a big fan of light-hearted comedy. If well executed it can be extremely popular for a vast audience. KyoAni pulled this off once with Nichijou or Lucky Star, I doubt Maid Dragon will have a similar impact but it doesn’t mean it’s no fun.

So far there weren’t any great VAs (Voice Actors), there were like four characters that talked, it seems though the animation team did quite the research on how dragon or rather reptiles move/behave. I’m pointing here on the short scene in the beginning of the episode, where Kobayashi opens her door and suddenly a dragon stands before her. There’s not much to mention but I was surprised to see how much love and effort they put into animating a dragon – in 2D that is! Fine artwork and lots of caution in eye movements. Don’t misunderstand, it’s not intended to be hyper realistic, however the combination of cuteness and slightly realistic details is just amazing. The character design is simple yet very lovely in details, you can see the effort the character designers put into this. The animation style is more sketchy and cute, trying to match the comedy setting, so don’t expect any high-end backgrounds or beautifully arranged scenes as in Hibike! Euphonium or Chuunibyou! The staff managed to create just the right balance between true art and simple comedy. Also liked the opening, another piece where the staff visibly put lots of effort and love into.

She’s even serving her tail as food

Look at her cute tail!

Tohru and her tail

Somehow I feel extremely at ease when seeing Tohru, especially with her tiny cute tail waving around, couldn’t help but letting out a little girly scream everytime I saw it~ I would love to see some good cosplays of her in the future, I really mean it! In general her design is just so (hnng) … it’s just lovely. Usually you would put a tail on a girl for fan service matters – like bunny or fox tails – but seeing a dragon tail is a new experience for me. In any case she’s quite attached to Kobayashi, meaning to defend her from any human that’s approaching her. This could be the perfect premise for a few funny comedy scenes, looking forward to it.




Another dragon (I think) also made its appearance during the first episode even though it was just one line. The opening already depicts that there are more dragons that will surely mess up Kobayashi’s life and cause lots of trouble and fun. Since it’s KyoAni I will always squeal around about anything, I kept talking about „putting effort and love“ I know however you just can see this in every single work they’ve ever done. For this fact I feel deep admiration and hope they continue this kind of work. As for me I just love cute light-hearted comedy animes, if you do so too join the fun! This, by the way, is the last series in this season I will be doing a review for the first episode, I’ll be back in mid-season and tell you about my impressions and thoughts about the whole season. Expect a massive post (probably) since I want to pack up everything. Just shallowly talking about the development and such … well I’m trying to keep it short.

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