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This post is part of my Winter season line-up. I spontaneously decided to watch Demi-chan wa Kataritai and I can already tell you this: It’s worth the time! Greatly enjoyed the first episode, I’ll help you out in case you still wonder about adding this to your watching list.

Hashtag: #亜人ちゃん (reads Demichan)

Composition and others

Roughly said it’s about a world where „Ajin“ (demi-human) – casually known as „Demi“ – have slowly started to become accepted in the human society. The male protagonist, Tetsu Takahashi, is a biology teacher and ends up teaching three such demi-humans. Honestly the synopsis doesn’t reveal much but after watching the PV or seeing the key visuals, you may see that it’s a slice-of-life and comedy-oriented series.

Cute Hikari

Tetsuo plans to write about Demis for his final thesis in university, sadly he didn’t meet any in his life. However, a new teacher enrolls in his school who turns out to be a demi – Sakie, the Succubus. Afterwards he learns that there are other demis among his students. Hikari, a vampire, is the cheerful type and seems to cling to Tetsuo. Other characters that appeared are: Yuki, a yuki-onna (engl. snow woman) whose body is always cold, and Kyouko,  a shy dullahan whose head is always detached from her body. Tetsuo is trying to be nice and wants to get to know Sakie. Due to her nature as a Succubus though, people, especially men, can’t approach her. I can’t help but chuckle, this is the perfect premise for some fun! Tetsuo meets Hikari and slowly gets to learn more and more about demis.

As you can guess from my few lines, not much happened in the first episode but it’s still greatly enjoyable. The light-hearted comedy and gorgeous character design by Tetsuya Kawakami, who’s also the character designer for OreImo and Gakusen Toshi Asterisk, makes it easy for me to keep on watching. Also need to commend the staff on the cute opening visuals. Furthermore Hikari greatly contributed to the success of the first episode in my opinion. Glad that I picked this up. Not sure yet about the plot, whether it’s going to be something serious or light-hearted as the first episode depicted. I suppose it will be the latter.

Hikari all the way

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