Anime Winter 2017: Mid-Season Impressions

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It’s already been ~7 weeks and most seasonal animes are already halfway through their cour. That makes a fine stop for me to go through the season and tell you my overall impressions. Like always I’ve been following lots of animes so you might also find some that you’ve been following so far. I want to give you a quick idea of animes that you haven’t watched yet or still plan to do, so I’ll try to provide a short text, an „enjoyment rating“ to each anime and put everything in tabs for a better overview. Feel free to just check the series that you want to know more about. Expect a massive post!

Things I'll cover in this post

    1. My season roster
    2. Recommendations
    3. Stand-alone animes
    4. Sequels
My season roster

Explanations to the roster: quick infos in the brackets, „2-cour“ means the anime is in its second cour and is currently at episode ~18, „short“ means the episode length is about 2-5min


  • 3-Gatsu no Lion (2-cour)
  • All Out!! (2-cour)
  • Demi-chan wa Kataritai
  • Gabriel DropOut
  • Hand Shakers
  • Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon
  • Koro-sensei Quest! (semi-short)
  • Kuzu no Honkai
  • Little Witch Academia
  • Masamune-kun no Revenge
  • Nobunaga no Shinobi (2-cour, short)
  • Nyanbo! (2-cour,short)
  • Nyanko Days (short)
  • One Room (short)
  • Sousei no Onmyouji (4-cour)
  • Youjo Senki


  • Ao no Exorcist S2
  • ChaoS;Child
  • Ai Mai Mi S3 (short)
  • Gintama S4
  • KonoSuba S2
  • Gundam Tekketsu S2
  • Rewrite S2
  • Rakugo Shinjuu S2
  • Tales of Zestiria S2
  • Yami Shibai S4 (short)




Just a quick list of animes I recommend from this season, for more explanations about the specific animes check the sections beneath!


  • 3-Gatsu no Lion
  • Demi-chan wa Kataritai
  • Gabriel DropOut
  • Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon
  • Little Witch Academia
  • Masamune-kun no Revenge


  • Ao no Exorcist S2
  • Gintama S4
  • KonoSuba S2
  • Gundam Tekketsu S2


The enjoyment rate doesn’t represent my actual score for the respective series. The episode count indicates the episode I’m currently at. Recommended animes will have a (+) symbol in the title

3-Gatsu no Lion (+)

Episode: 17/22. San-Gatsu still continues to entertain me. I’ve been enjoying every episode so far, the combination of family problems, self-doubt, endless kindness from friends and Shogi is impressive. Shaft managed to balance it out just fine, comedy doesn’t seem forced and is really light-hearted. Lovely characters, I might have fallen in love with the three sisters who are taking care of Rei, still not sure about Kyouko whether she is bad- or good-willed. Some things about Rei’s past still remain unclear to me, hope to see these things being resolved later. The sport setting slightly reminds me of Chihayafuru, just slightly. At times I feel deeply touched by the warmth Rei keeps receiving from Akari & co, it’s almost at the point where I’m lost in thoughts and close to the tears just because it’s so understandable. Since he’s living alone and still attending school while being a Shogi pro he’s bound to have (mental) problems due to stress and other matters, despite actually being total strangers a few months ago Akari and her family don’t hesitate to help him. I don’t know this is enough for me to reach this level of sentimentality. In any case I’m looking forward to the conclusion!

Enjoyment rate: 85/100

The smallest people have sometimes the biggest impact on you



All Out!!

One of the few good comedy scenes

Episode: 18/25. In case you don’t know this one, it’s a sports anime telling you about rugby. Personally I don’t know much about this specific sports nor have I ever seen another series with a similar setting. I only know Prince of Stride that’s been done by the very same studio (Madhouse) so I didn’t expect much in the first place. Let me tell you… it’s definitely not at the top of sports anime and can’t compete with Haikyuu or Kuroko no Basuke obviously. The cringey faces of the characters, random appearance of blushies – hey this is really an important fact for me, they appear at the weirdest moments and create a wrong atmosphere – and rather weak display of sport action makes this a horrible ride for me. Anyhow, there are a few short scenes that are quite well made, they can’t compensate though the lack of overall-quality. So far I admit I still didn’t get the rules of rugby lol.

Enjoyment rate: 30/100

Demi-chan wa Kataritai (+)

Episode: 6/12?. I was so surprised about the first episode and glad that I took this on. It’s about half-humans that made their way into society and shows their everyday struggles. A teacher gets to work with 3 such students and wants to learn more about them. I really like the comedy, the characters (Hikari!) and cheerful setting. It’s more like a slice-of-life so there’s no real plot but at times they’re covering somewhat delicate topics like „love“, „jealousy“ or „social exclusion“ due to their nature as being half-human. The great yet simple animation and lovely design makes it worthwhile for me.

Enjoyment rate: 85/100

Gabriel DropOut (+)

Episode: 6/12. Funnily enough both Demi-chan and GabDro are in my eyes somewhat similar. Putting aside the plot both animes have a lovely design, GabDro has a cuter touch while Demi-chan is more decent, and great comedy. GabDro is about an angel who’s being sent to earth to learn more about humans, however she starts to „fall“ and realises a different kind of joy in playing video-games. Together with her demon and angel friends she’s living through the occasional hell called „school“ and only gets to experience heaven when she’s at home playing online-games. The great contrast of demons and angels, as well as the use of idioms and jokes on heaven/hell makes this extremely enjoyable for me (-> Gabriel behaving like a demon even though she’s an angel, and Vigne vice versa is such a contrast). I can’t help laughing every week! On the other hand the english subbed dialogues seem sometimes really off from the actual japanese audio but this is just a minor point. Never dared to skip the opening and ending themes, can’t stop listening to them. The VA cast is well picked

Enjoyment rate: 90/100

Possible contender for best girl of the season imo

Gabriel yawning

Hand Shakers

One of the rare good backgrounds

Episode 6/12. I regret watching this and not checking the PV beforehand. Studio and part of the staff were the only reasons why I even considered putting this on my list. Roughly said it’s about pairs – namely „Hand Shakers“, yeah they need to hold hands – that fight other pairs to eventually challenge God and to fulfill their most-cherished wish. In the first place the plot doesn’t seem so appealing to me, the action execution and scene directory is one of the worst I’ve seen in a while – last one was probably Blade&Soul by Gonzo btw. The overload of unnecessary and crude CGI movements and usage in background elements is pure cancer for the eyes. However, the character design, a few backgrounds, music and few other scenes are surprisingly mediocre and are the only good points I can point out for this anime. Even the recent plot development concerning the class president and her brother feels somewhat random and forced. The score on MAL is in my eyes totally justified. I know that lots of people already dropped Hand Shakers after episode 1. The whole series more reminds me of an experiment or testing ground for the staff.

Enjoyment rate: 10/100

Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon (+)

Episode: 6/12. The title actually almost tells everything about the series, so to be short it’s about Kobayashi and her maid who’s a dragon. The setting might seem pretty boring and not appealing, however I don’t care. There’s not much plot, just pure comedy with a few sentimental scenes that’s overall carrying the whole series. Its internet presence and fanbase also just keeps on increasing by each episode. So as for me I’m extremely enjoying Maid Dragon. KyoAni covers about 60% of my affection towards this anime, the adorable characters and lovely setting do the rest and keep killing me every week. It’s easily among my season favorites by now. I keep seeing Kanna all over artwork sites (like pixiv) or Twitter, she’s easily dominating the whole series. Her cuteness is just lethal. At times there are a few action scenes, that are comparable to Chuunibyou which was also done by the same studio. Maid Dragon is a collaborative project of masterminds, it may not have an insane impact and high scores on anime ranking sites but it deserves the praise and love. Thanks for saving me

Enjoyment rate: 95/100

Kanna and Tohru <3

Koro-sensei Quest!! (Semi-short)

Episode: 8/12. It’s not really a Stand-Alone anime to be honest. It’s supposed to be a spin-off of the actual Ansatsu Kyoushitsu anime but I put it on this list since you could theoretically watch it without any prior knowledge. There’s no actual character introduction but it might be still coherent in its execution. It’s a pure gag short anime (~10min) and follows a different story than the main series. It’s the usual hero setting, adventurers and the devil king. Not really a die-hard fan of the franchise, actually just watching for coverage. Funny to see the characters in different roles.

Enjoyment rate: 55/100

Kuzu no Honkai

Magnificent art style

Episode: 5/12. Put it tad later in the season on my list, don’t regret it though. First episode totally flashed me, it’s different than most romance animes I’ve watched before. Partly reminds me of the Toradora setting, student girl A loves teacher A, student boy B loves teacher B but teacher A shows interest in teacher B. Due to this dilemma both students decide to make a pact and date each other to compensate the pain of unrequited love. This rather unethical setting turns even more complex when girl A suddenly gets to know the true intentions of teacher B. Well enough with these letters, I daresay that that wicked teacher – namely Akane – is probably a legit contender for the most evil and sly villain of the season. I keep getting goosebumps whenever she puts on her „sadistic smile“ while watching other people shivering in pain. Deeply intrigued by the concept, animation and especially the character design are an artisic masterpiece. Looking forward to each episode despite my fear of the unknown turn of events. After every episode I have that weird aftertaste in my mind that I’m not sure anymore if I actually enjoyed it or not. I appreciate the explicit kissing and other romantic scenes, rarely get to see this in a standard romance format. At times I even feel like I can personalize myself with the characters even though my life has been far off of the anime, yeah it’s weird.

Enjoyment rate: 80/100

A devil hides within her seemingly innocent smile

Little Witch Academia (+)

Every beginning is hard

Episode: 6/25. As the title already implies, yes it’s about witches or at least girls that aspire to be witches one day. I remember being really happy when I first heard the announcement of a TV adaption. After 6 episodes I still like the series and glad that Trigger kept animating it. I often read this lately on Twitter „Harry Potter meets Kill La Kill“, to be honest I don’t fully understand that statement. I admit the setting somewhat resembles the Harry Potter setting – in both franchises both protagonists try to learn magic, that’s actually in my eyes the only similarity, however I don’t see any special Kill La Kill moves in animation or plot. Yes both animes have been adapted by the same studio though. Anyway since I watched the movie before I wondered what they would adapt in the TV adapation, there aren’t really any common events yet between the movies and TV. It’s the usual slice-of-life and just like Harry (more like Ron lol) Akko struggles with the basics of magic, her clumsiness and „airheadness“ are amusing and makes this an enjoyable ride. Sadly I’m quite shocked about the animation, usually Trigger is doing a better job in my opinion. Few episodes have been outsourced I think and you can just see that, it’s nothing grave or that’s been noticed by many I just happen to notice this. In episode 04 I saw probably for the first time Trigger using CGI (like the tower or the scene in the forest). Other than this the animation is decent. In 06 a male character has been introduced who actually interacts with Akko. I was really missing this in the movies. I was hoping for the TV adaption to introduce some male characters, didn’t want to see a similar setting as in K-on or Love Live where no male characters (except of Ritsu’s brother) appeared at all. Well, I doubt he will play any big role, however it was a nice change. That statement from before about Harry Potter did catch me in the end so I daresay LWA slightly takes after the popular magic franchise, it’s just cuter and mostly with girls. I’m getting the vibes~

Enjoyment rate: 85/100

Akko doesn’t want you to miss out on the fun

Join her!

Masamune-kun no Revenge (+)

Episode: 6/12. To sum it up roughly, a boy used to be bullied/insulted in his childhood by a girl because of his weight. He swore to do more sports and makes his debut in high school as a „handsome boy“. He happens to meet the girl who used to insult him and plans to make her fall in love with him just so he can dump her afterwards – it’s the start of his revenge plan. I was totally captivated by the first three episodes, gorgeous animation and character design. VAs (VoiceActor) and staff are well picked, totally forgot though that this is supposed to be a harem series. Only realized this after Neko appeared, this isn’t a bad fact though. The plot might be developing in a interesting direction, Masamune realizes what love actually means and might start to doubt his deeds. It’s just mid-season so it will take some while for everything to take on a proper form, I’m really enjoying it so far and probably will so in the future. Since it’s not a complex drama and more like a RomCom more and more people will most likely join the train.

Enjoyment rate: 80/100

Nobunaga no Shinobi (Short)

Episode: 20/26?. The history surrounding Nobunaga seems to be a really popular setting in animes, saw many series that have this kind of setting. So yes, Nobunaga no Shinobi is a short anime (~5min) with extremely cute character designs. It’s still slightly bloody, you see a kunoichi (female shinobi/ninja, I suppose this is the correct term) serving Nobunaga. She’s supporting him in assassination and reconing tasks. Despite the cruel and blood-filled history of the real Nobunaga, the anime is keeping facts like these rather short and focuses more on the comedy which I really enjoy. Every week is like „Yees, a new episode is up“, Chidori’s VA (voice of Rem) is now also one of my favorites after watching Re:Zero. 

Enjoyment rate: 75/100

Nyanbo (Short)

Episode: 20/26. Hmm, I think the Nyanbo’s are from space? Not really sure about that fact but it’s another short series (~5min). Unlike most other series these days, it’s a full CGI series that’s actually using live-backgrounds from the real world. This is probably the most fascinating fact about the anime, the interaction between the full 3DCG Nyanbos and real-life objects (like cats, cars, rats or even water). Well as for the plot, the Nyanbos are trying to find parts for their UFO to return back to space. They get to meet other Nyanbos and struggle with cats who mistake them occasionally as food. For me it’s starting to become more montonous and dragging, in my eyes it’s just a short series for kids.

Enjoyment rate: 35/100

Nyanko Days (Short)

Episode: 6/12?. The shortest short among the short animes in this season most likely (~2min). To be short (:D), it’s about a girl who has three cats but by no means normal cats – her cats are more like tiny cute girls who look like nekomimis. Yeah that’s actually it, it’s hard to cover anything more in 2mins. Its cuteness is the only thing you’d need to know.

Enjoyment rate: 45/100

One Room (Short)

Episode: 5/12. Short series of ~3min length. One of the few animes – and actually the only one I know that doesn’t have a Rx-rating lol – that’s being told in the first-person perspective. The protagonist is practically you, the watcher, and doesn’t say anything. You get to meet a girl who’s living next door and tutor her in your room. Surprisingly stunning visuals sometimes, most of the scenes have that ecchi afterthought since you’re both alone in the room. Recently even your little sister appeared who ends up visiting you.

Enjoyment rate: 35/100

Sousei no Onmyouji

One scene actually brought me close to the tears

Episode: 43/50. Oh man, this is a really long series. Let me tell you this beforehand for those who dropped it, you didn’t miss anything you did the right choice. As the episode count already implies it’s been airing for four seasons now and is about onmyoujis – let’s just call them mages. The two protagonists hated each other in the beginning but were fated to give birth to a child, the miko, that will save the world for an upcoming catastrophe. Reluctantly they partly gave in and ended up spending more time with each other and even live in one house now. So what do these mages fight? They’re fighting corrupted beings, that are representing the sins of humans, so to speak their bad energy. Since they can’t be beaten by normal means special trained mages are needed – the onmyoujis. There’s been a time skip and the main group is now ~17 years old. Slightly matured they get to fight stronger opponents, the usual shounen adventure setting. I’m being honest here, I regret taking this one on. Every week is a drag and I even stopped watching it on weekly base. I wait for more episodes to stack and watch it in one go, doesn’t reduce my suffering but it’s done in a few hours. My unsophisticated and stupid policy „don’t drop anything that you don’t know yet“ is to blame.

Don’t judge me

Well this is my problem. In any case, it was a surprise for me to hear this being a full 50-episode anime. Sad for the manga readers, supposedly only 20% of the anime has been adapted from the manga the rest is just original anime plot. The character design is decent, animation is sometimes really sloppy and I’m close to my limits of tolerance. Considering it’s a 50-episode project it’s to be expected. However the music deserves praise. It’s obviously not on par with Shingeki no Kyojin’s or Guilty Crown’s Sawano soundtracks but still well done. The opening visuals and themes are also good. As for the plot, it’s not captivating and sometimes even predictable. At times I have to hold myself back due to the awkwardness and cliched development. Character progress is somewhat interesting, since both protagonists slowly get to know their true feelings. Fortunately it’s not like in Strike the Blood for me, where I didn’t like both protagonists falling in love with each other despite having other love candidates.  The last few episodes were a tad better than the rest that I’m almost at the point „Oh man what’s happening next week“. I doubt this will turn out to be anything good though. I know that there are a few people who enjoy this, however there are many who dropped this early on too. This will probably be getting further anime adaptions, let’s see….

Enjoyment rate: 30/100

Youjo Senki

Episode: 6/12. After seeing several tweets and posts on the internet I decided to watch this as well. The fact that the protagonist is a little girl fighting in a war somehow put me off, however after watching the first episode I was sure I did right choice. As I said yes it’s about a girl who’s fighting in a war in a fictional world, she’s part of a special unit – the mages. It seems like every author is trying to boost his work with additional standard elements like „magic“ or various fanservice scenes nowadays, as for Youjo Senki it’s definitely not overloaded and the magic elements plays a rudimental role. Tanya – the female protagonist – is the commander of her unit and already shows off her skills in the first episode, she easily defeats an enemy platoon with one move. In episode 02 it’s being revealed that Tanya was actually a man in her previous life who was working for a company in the very same world as we now live in. Her rotten personality earned her many enemies among her colleagues. While waiting for the train she’s been pushed onto the rails by one of her said ill-willed colleagues for ruining his life. Time stops and she gets to meet the being called „God“. She doesn’t have any faith in the superstitious concepts of religion and such and strictly declines its existence. She’s been granted a new life in another world, however she’s not allowed to be reincarnated afterwards – she has to prove her faith before God. She keeps her memories from her previous life and her promise towards God, she hopes to be able to lead a peaceful life in the new world as a military veteran. Being X – that’s how Tanya calls God – though keeps challenging her to make things worse. Being extremely talented and gifted (due to her promise) she’s often called „devil“ or „monster“. In fact I’m always in search of animes filled with madness just like Soul Eater, Youjo Senki is close to reach this level.

NUT is a studio I didn’t know before, they did a really good job on Youjo Senki however. The choice of music, especially the opening and ending themes, animation and setting are just to my liking. The character design might be hard to get used to in the beginning. You can see the original novel artworks in the ending visuals, I really like them surprised about the art style in fact. Every week has been enjoyable for me, looking forward to the next following weeks.

Enjoyment rate: 80/100

Ending visuals with novel artworks

Tanya can’t stand people smoking

The enjoyment rate doesn’t represent my actual score for the respective series. The episode count indicates the episode I’m currently at. Recommended animes will have a (+) symbol in the title

Ao no Exorcist S2 (+)

Episode: 6/12. It’s been six very long years since I watched the first season of Ao no Exorcist. In fact it was one of my first animes, since then there were many different series I watched which makes it really hard for me to remember the plot. A rewatch would have been a great help. As for the first season only the first 14eps (?) were adapted from the manga the rest is apparently anime original. The second season directly dives into the plot which put me a bit off. The second part of the episode 01 served as a little „recap“ of the first season. Various things have been retold, I could partly remember the plot thanks to this. I didn’t realize that the staff and cast was so top-notch. Sawano as music composer (Shingeki no Kyojin, Kill La Kill etc.), KanaHanaHaji Yuki and many other great VAs. As for the opening theme UVERworld is also back. So what happened in the last 6 episodes? The Impure King, a powerful demon from the past, is about to be revived. In order to revive the Impure King both eyes of him need to be retrieved. Rin and the others have been sent to Kyoto for a mission and fail to protect the said eyes. Many things about the past concerning Rin and his friends have been revealed and the distrust towards him still remains since he’s the offspring of Satan. A-1 pictures, the studio, has yet to unleash their full potential, next weeks show if the plot is heading into a decent direction. I’m not really hyped about Aoex but appreciate seeing it back with a great comeback.

Enjoyment rate: 75/100


Ready for a jump-scare?

Episode: 6/12?. Spontaneously decided to watch ChaoS;Head just recently, its prequel, which wasn’t that stunning sadly. People watched the first season back in 2007 probably had a harder time than me. There’s been a prologue to the series helping to get back into the anime. In fact the events in the prologue are a bit different than in the original first season. In any case I read this a few times on the internet „Why’s this considered a sequel? There’s no character from the first season and plot is totally different“. So to explain the context of the anime, ChaoS;Child is set a few years (~6 years) in the future of ChaoS;Head. Yes, there’s a new cast since there are new characters, a different studio took on the animation and a new staff has been gathered. To be short, the name is the only thing they kept everything else has been swapped out which was a wise choice. Leaving out the characters – this is not an original work, it’s been adapted from the VN. Thus the plot and characters should be untouched by the studio – the change of staff and studio really helped out the franchise. Great improvement in animation and especially scene directory! Even now I claim that there are no decent horror animes, series that attempted to create a horror atmosphere failed sadly in the execution. However ChaoS;Child has an impressive sound composer and director. Both manage to create just the right atmosphere, with headphones the experience is even better. I was close to getting the chills due to fear – usually I’m a scaredy-cat you need to know. So to be clear the scene directory, animation, character design and music are satisfying but the plot is … mediocre? ChaoS;Child’s demise is its universe and setting. The Gigalomaniac or supernatural users, whatever they’re called, ruined the first season for me. The general principle of these abilites seems to be well thought but seems to me more like a plot that’s been written by a chuuni.

I’m by no means a scientist nor did I ever study this kind of fields but I want to show you the complex line of thoughts surrounding Gigalomaniacs: Gigalomaniacs are humans who have the ability to materialize things they imagine, they create reality from delusions. So what is actually reality? Reality is achieved when various individuals perceive it as such, for example a single individual recognizes object A. If other individuals now can recognize and perceive Object A too, reality is being achieved. So if I were to say „Hey there’s a cat“ even though there’s none, most people will see that there is no cat. But if there are other people claiming that there is a cat even though it’s not real, reality is achieved by common recognition. Via suggestions we imagine the cat to be real. It’s the same in songs, we keep hearing lyrics that weren’t really meant to say. That’s how these „Misheard Lyrics“ videos on YouTube come to be. By sending out antimatters (?) and using energy from an unknown dimension Gigalomaniacs can attain this kind of effect even more effectively. This principle allows even powerful abilities to be used, like pyromania or complete warp of reality. I’m sorry if most of this is utter nonsense to you or I messed up the explanation, this is just what’s been left in my mind. There’s no clear explanation yet I think for where these Gigalomaniacs come from, in the recent episodes it’s been revealed that there are human experiments to create such ability users.

It’s still fun!

The plot strongly differs from the first season, there are hardly any Gigalomaniacs in the first 4 episodes unlike in ChaoS;Head (first season). It’s more like high school kids trying to solve crimes they shouldn’t get involved into. Along the way they find out more about the events 6 years ago and learn what they really are. Despite all the absurdity in the plot I partly enjoy the anime so far! The rest is enough for me to keep on watching without any regrets.

Enjoyment rate: 70/100

Ai Mai Mi S3 (Short)

Episode: 7/?. Amazing, to think this got another season. Fortunately it’s just 3min long. The nonsense from the previous seasons continues, in fact there’s no plot at all just pure randomness. The last 3 episodes though had an interesting plot concerning Mi, as for why she even has this name and where she’s from. Almost a sad turn of events.

Enjoyment rate: 20/100

Gintama S4 (+)

Episode: 1/?. Well I admit, I didn’t get to watch anything of this seasons‘ Gintama. Still at episode 1 so there’s not much to tell, I read the manga however! So I mostly know what’s going to happen, the first episode was ok. The plot and series in general won’t be as funny as in the past, the plot is heading for its final and needs to get more serious to achieve something decent. I doubt there are many people who watch this anime sadly, despite being so highly-ranked. It’s still one of my all-time favorites so I can only recommend you to join the fun! I doubt I will be enjoying Gintama as much as I did in the past but I will keep on watching for obvious reasons.

Enjoyment rate: ?/100

KonoSuba S2 (+)

Episode: 6/?. Endless fun and joy, that’s what I feel when watching this every week. The second season continues where the first season left off. Everything is the same, staff, studio and cast. Even though everything should be the same it feels like the animation had a grave drop of quality, especially in episode 01. It’s hard to notice just minor things but the opening visuals already indicates this. Sloppy movements and character design are not a work of high-artistic levels. Background and especially the VFX are top-notch however. It’s great to see Kazuma, Lalatina (<3), Aqua and Megumin back in action. Can barely contain my excitement whenever a new episode is up. Waiting for the best timing in the evening every week to fully enjoy this. I don’t care about the animation anymore, truth be told I barely notice it now. Everything about KonoSuba is just to my liking. If you enjoyed the first season don’t hesitate and check out this one as well!

Enjoyment rate: 95/100

Gundam Tekketsu S2 (*)

Tears are not a sign of weakness, they make you human

Episode: 18/25. If the first season can be considered to be an unpolished diamond, then we now have a fully polished diamond shining brilliantly that lost its edges. It’s not a masterpiece-series but extremely improved mostly due to the development in the plot section. Many interesting things happened in the first 12 episodes, you can see that the main group is making great improvement and improves their social standing in the universe. In many Shounen series you see the protagonist beating the crap out of their enemies with sheer training. They never though have to pay with their body, they mostly defeat their enemies without harming themselves, miraculously. Mikazuki however finally reached a point where his genius can’t beat his enemy anymore. He pays a great price to finally overcome his enemy, the misery just keeps on stacking from there on. The system and home Orga managed to build up for his family and friends is starting to fall apart, in the end Tekkadan is forced to join a revolution against Gjallarhorn. People I used to cherish the last 40 episodes just perished, I was totally perplexed after episode 39(?). I didn’t expect this and felt lost. The character I’m talking about doesn’t play a big role but still had a fixed spot in the Tekkadan family. Yes it hit me hard. Animation, music and overall composition keep being great, plot now has to prove if Gundam Tekketsu no Orphans is worth the praise. Too bad there was not much of Kudelia, she’s still my favorite character from the series.

Enjoyment rate: 85/100

Rewrite S2

Episode: 5/?. Personally I have a big debt towards Rewrite, the Philosophyz soundtrack greatly motiviated me in playing guitar and kept on practicing. Thus I started the first season, however I was really disappointed. The second season continues being a disappointment. Crude use of CGI, not an interesting plot, characters are nothing special, the usual Key character design and music. I didn’t play the game so I don’t know if this is how it should be but the order of things in the plot and overall execution seems to be totally random and resembles more like an unfinished puzzle. Puzzles may be fun, not this one though. So I had no high expectations, I’m not making any great efforts in understanding or liking this anime anymore. It’s just a drag by now

Enjoyment rate: 15/100

Rakugo Shinjuu S2

Episode: 6/?. One thing I’m surprised about, the high pacing within the series. There’s been several time-skips (up to 10 years) and the plot keeps progressing pretty well. I can see why people like rakugo, as for me I still can’t come to like this particular theatrical performance. It’s just not my cup of tea. The studio and staff manages to keep up a great scene directory during the rakugo perfomances, the plot is also heading in an interesting direction. It’s not an anime I highly cherish or enjoy, I still consider it though to be one of the more elaborate anime projects out there. Lots of efforts and love has been poured into Rakugo Shinjuu

Enjoyment rate: 60/100

Tales of Zestiria the X S2

Episode: 6/12. Considering it’s ufotable – the very same studio that adapted Fate/Zero, Fate/Stay Night, God Eater and Garden of Sinners – the animation is obviously the epitome of art. S2 continues where S1 left off, I’m glad to see that there’s more of Rose now. She recently even joined Sorey’s group and hopes to help him in defeating the Malevolence. I didn’t play the game so I don’t how well adapted this is, the plot is partly unclear to me and hope to see things resolved until the end of this season. As before it’s not that stunning, just fun to watch but not as captivating as I hope. Big praise for the ending visuals (even though it’s only four shots), great art style!

Enjoyment rate: 75/100 

Ending visuals

Rose is also happy to have more air time

Yami Shibai S4 (Short)

Episode: 7/?. Short anime with ~3min length. Short horror stories, the first season is still the best out of the 4. The overall level of quality is really low though, art style and animation resembles like moving paper figures. The fourth season seems to be different than the previous ones, new narrator who also acts like a proper narrator now. Stories are now being told by the narrator and characters just serve for a better understanding. Weird to see that they even used real-life footage for a few scenes, unecessary to be honest. Considering it’s a short anime, I don’t mind the half-assedness.

Enjoyment rate: 10/100


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