Stephen (スティーヴン) aka. Shizuda is administrator and author of shizuda.com. He is a trained Electronics Technician for Information and Telecommunications Systems. In 2014 he began to study Japanese Studies at the Ruprecht-Karls University Heidelberg but after the third semester he changed the university and his major. Since 2016 he studies Applied Business Languages and International Management at Hochschule Bremen – City University of Applied Sciences. While attending school he learned the english language as well as a little bit spanish and at the moment he’s learning japanese.

In his early twenties, he has been passionate about the japanese culture, especially anime and related topics, for quite some years now. His first confrontation with the japanese culture was in his early youth when he watched anime like ‚Sailor Moon‘, ‚Pokemon‘ and others for the first time but he wasn’t much into it until he saw ‚Cowboy Bebop‘ in german television. After that he discovered more and more great shows in the german TV like ‚Elfen Lied‘ and ‚Neon Genesis Evangelion‘ and from that moment onwards his passion grew with every moment. He discovered the giant world of japanese anime in the Internet and with every new anime he saw he also wanted to know more about its origin. So he began his research about Japan and learned more and more about its culture, its population and the country itself. So today, after a long time passed since his discovery, he is working towards his dreams and at the same time he wants to share his passion and his experiences with everyone who’s interested.

But besides his passion about the japanese culture he has other hobbies too, like going to the cinema, playing some video games, taking photos, playing with his dog or simply meeting with his friends. Also another relatively large role for him plays webdesign. Stephen always was interested in it and started to design websites during his last years of school and he still continues this hobby, though he isn’t doing it to earn money but for fun. He also invests some time in an association called ‚Anime Sekai e.V.‘ which is an association to spread the japanese culture throughout Germany.

In August of 2014 he flew to Japan for the first time in his life and you can find a lot of photos of his journey on this website. He stayed for 15 days and besides Tokyo he also has been to Kyoto and Osaka.


So, as mentioned in the section above, Stephen wants to share his passion and experiences he makes during his life and his interactions with the japanese culture. One part of his daily life is watching anime and that is also a part of this blog. Before every new anime season starts airing you will be able to read about his thoughts of the season with a general overview of the season as well as his specific watchlist. And one article for the season when every anime finished airing. Another big part of this blog will be the events section where you can find articles about conventions and other events related to Japan or anime. Also you’ll be able to find galleries of these events with a lot of cosplay photos and other things worth seeing.

The Japan category is empty at this time and of course it’s quite a few months until August and the flight to Japan but Stephen will fill this category before his journey with articles about his preperations, his thoughts and other organizational things because he thinks this is something which is not found on so many blogs and thus may be interesting for you since traveling to Japan is not that easy and you have to think about a lot of stuff beforehand. Last but not least comes the topic which is most-likely the most prevalent: figures or figurines. Of course he collects them. And he realized that he has a kind of unique taste of figures and because of this taste you could find reviews and photos of figures here which you maybe can’t find on another blog out there, so stay tuned. But apart from these four categories above, you’ll find some other related articles here too. Whether it’s about some great news about his association or some little contests & raffles where you can win prizes or other little tweaks, you won’t be bored here. At least that’s Stephens intention.

The slogan for this blog, maybe you already saw it (‚Honest, exciting but maybe not so decent …‘) comes from Stephens intentions for writing articles. He will always say what he thinks and won’t put on a mask so that you may or may not like him or his opinion and he always tries to make things exciting for you so you won’t get bored but while he does these things it’s possible that you’ll be able to find some inappropriate things here, like photos of sexy, lightly dressed figures or cosplays or maybe some screenshots from anime which could show more skin than you’d like. But he’ll always censor his photos and screenshots if it’s something R18-rated.